A List of Beautiful Settings for Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

A List of Beautiful Settings for Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

The heart-shaped diamond rings are the most famous choice among women. The style of this very ring is feminine, romantic, elegant and playful at the same time. But, the special cut of a heart-shaped diamond ring makes it prone to breakage or chipping. So, here are a few tips and a list of beautiful settings for heart-shaped diamond rings.

A List of Beautiful Settings for Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

The perfect setting for a heart-shaped diamond ring

When seeking a setting for a heart-shaped diamond ring, always choose the option that will protect the stone. The most preferred is a five-prong setting. Another famous one is the bezel setting. In this, the diamond is set in the band and metal surrounds the complete stone. The setting accentuates the heart shape of the stone to make it look unique.

The perfect band

Once the right setting is found, consider the type of band. It tends to complete the overall look. The complete ring looks beautiful in a solitaire setting. But, the split shank settings also look pretty. Thicker bands also tend to complement the heart-shaped diamonds. When it comes to color, go for white or yellow gold. Bands which have the yellow gold rings for women gives a timeless, classy look while the white gold looks quite modern.

Diamond inspiration

A 75 Karat heart diamond cathedral engagement ring features a heart-shaped stone and a thick yellow gold band. It looks elegant and subtle at the same time while putting the focus on the stone sparkle. It also comes with a five-prong setting which is perfect for protecting that precious diamond.

The custom bezel gemstone bridge heart engagement ring provides a modern twist on the bezel setting. The setting only covers around the top and bottom part of the stone and leaves the sides open.

The cross split shank heart diamond engagement ring comes with a three-carat heart-shaped diamond that signifies the modern elegance. The open shanks and the small set diamonds along it creates a dramatic effect that makes the center stone stand in focus.

Celtic Claddagh white gold rings are also famous among couples. It signifies love, loyalty, and friendship, the heart diamond bears a crown and Celtic knot embellishments along the band.

When it comes to buying a ring for your partner, settings are the most important factor to consider. Ensure to protect the fragile shape and choose a setting that makes your ring unique and protective at the same time.

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